Side home down, home O2O go from here

text / Peng Peng

June 23rd, the author in view of several domestic O2O companies, inadvertently found around the home of the site has not opened. Page shows that you visit the site failure, 9 seconds after the automatic jump to Sina cloud store. Then I consulted a number of industry insiders, the response is: side home is really gone". At night, the author also called Zheng Lei, founder of the home side, Zheng Lei confirmed that the site has been closed, said the station off for personal reasons. read more

To build 50 thousand Langsha underwear brand micro shop Commission at least 2%


] August 14th news billion state power network, Langsha underwear brand recently released micro business declaration ", said to build 50 thousand micro shop, the product online sale channel right open to global entrepreneurs.

billion state power network has learned, at present, WeChat users can have WeChat directly apply to become a public number Langsha distribution member needs to submit information, including name, address, mobile phone number, micro signal etc.. According to the official introduction of the Langsha, will provide more competitive for the WeChat distribution member of the product price, each sales by at least 2% of the proportion of drainage fee. read more

Seven days no reason to return in Shanghai real landing

reporter Xu Yanfei

Morning News hearing of the new "law" enacted a year, no reason to return seven days to implement in Shanghai will be better. Yesterday, Jingdong, Suning, No. 1 shop business in the Consumer Protection Committee of the relevant forum will confirm before March 15th of this year, the payment page prominently on the seven days no reason to return the situation described in the commodity information page and check out, "one person, one thing a confirmation, in general, consumers will specific product pages, payment page to see many eye-catching" seven days no reason to return note. read more

Buy world melee in the online showdown in the line

buy site continues to emerge, the group of people has led to a huge increase in people’s interest in research. What mode is so popular? How is the final who is the winner? How can we win? Today we have this new type of ethnic group purchase mode of e-commerce are discussed: the line of scrimmage, eventually winning found online! The same online mode is very much, but to finally, every product has great group purchase website different. The quality of the next line of the company decided to buy long-term website! read more

WAL-MART holdings electricity supplier 1 shop held shares to nearly 51%

party secretary Yu Zhengsheng met with U.S. Wal-Mart Store Inc president and CEO Mike yesterday, WAL-MART and Shanghai e-commerce enterprises "shop No. 1" cooperation and welcome in Shanghai Chinese start WAL-MART e-commerce platform.

Yu Zhengsheng said at the meeting, opening up is an important advantage of Shanghai development, globalization is the main trend of world economic development, only the integration with each other, mutual cooperation mutual competition in their respective areas of strength, the world economy will develop better. Shanghai is speeding up the construction of international trade center, we must vigorously develop e-commerce, pay close attention to and promote the development of new business models, such as online shopping. We are very supportive of WAL-MART and store 1, the cooperation, and I hope that the two sides will achieve good results in cooperation. read more home page Jump tail collection of overweight clothing sale channel

sina science and technology news March 24th afternoon news, Dangdang today will be the main domain name from the previous integrated shopping navigation page, jump to Dangdang tail product exchange channel home ( The tail collection is a sale channel, mainly low-cost sales of some brand clothing etc.. insiders, the company will jump to the domain name "sinks" channel, is part of the company to strengthen the sale of services, there are other plans for the company’s future. read more

WeChat since the break O2O Micro shopping stiff and die big brand evacuation

in the Jingdong micro shop, pat micro shop, praise, etc. MSI is popular today, few people remember the Daming Lake, "the Tencent micro shopping. In May 2014 the Tencent to the Jingdong’s business package at the same time, micro purchases WeChat group, since then there has been already without hearing a word about, the dissolution of the rumors.

days ago, billion state power network noted that the Tencent micro shopping in the product has been showing many signs of "death". Including, Rimula men Romon, Septwolves Qiushuiyiren, many have used micro shopping large brands have switched to the other micro shop system, micro shopping entrance Giordano will jump directly to the mobile phone version of the official website. read more

Taobao saved my life

I also want to

only a short while ago, my life is just like this, to get to work on the wages of ordinary cannot ordinary over my life, but I am not willing to do, why do people have the car I do not, I do not have the luxury of others to live, I do worse than others?

is always not reconciled to their psychological activities, but that every bitter punch is to continue. I do management in a small commodities wholesale market, wages also so small businesses are usually three thousand, send me a little petty, I make it so much, but between merchants and merchants who break things trifles stirring in my headache. read more

Jingdong 3C11.11 crazy 2 hours report released sales exceeded 3 million 610 thousand

November 11th 2:00 3C, the Jingdong "crazy 2 hours" huge benefit activities perfect ending, made a brilliant record. 11 0:00-2:00 during the period of two hours, Jingdong 3C crazy total sales of 2 hours to break through the 3 million 610 thousand, an increase of 135%. Among them, mobile phone, computer, office, entertainment and other intelligent digital books category gains astonishing success, once again confirms the dominance of 3C industry Jingdong.

"crazy 2 hours" period, traditional strengths category of computer office overall sales of a new high, the whole category of overall sales exceeded 1 million 840 thousand, year-on-year sales growth of 270%, only 1 minutes and 35 seconds, sales exceeded 100 million mark, record again! Lenovo also deliver the goods won the title, DELL, ASUS, HP, followed by samsung. Category categories: total sales exceeded 99 thousand units, of which the game book and thin sales growth is obvious, the total sales of the game category exceeded 35 thousand units, the total sales of this category exceeded the thin film of 28 thousand units. Peripheral category total sales of 420 thousand, sales in October average daily sales growth of 560%. Total sales of the mouse category 180 thousand, of which the mechanical keyboard sales exceeded 17 thousand, the continuation of the legend, rapid growth. Computer accessories sales reached 510 thousand, display sales exceeded 120 thousand. Jingdong printer category sales reached 56 thousand, Jingdong office supplies category sales exceeded 580 thousand, Jingdong projector category touted, sales growth in October average daily sales of 680%! read more

Electricity supplier O2O nternet and local life services – you have to earn money at the door!

Internet era business about "borderless" (Vernacular: no product can’t go away). On this point, I believe the sea Amoy family experience deeper: Germany’s tool, Canada and Australia, the United States folic acid milk chocolate, as long as the heart + action, soon a few days, and then slowly but a few months, those from other kids will come across the ocean, give you a Big surprise (surprise).


, Amazon, wish, LAZADA, Jingdong these cross-border electricity certainly played an important role: the culture and language of different parties connected to the goods from the distant place to another, finally to meet the laws of different countries, business and foreign exchange policy to the settlement, the inside of the doorway three days and nights, skills and stories also cannot say. read more

Husband and wife micro business highest monthly sales of 3 million

has failed to start the business of Zhang, with the help of his friend Zhu Zuanlei, decided to start again. This time, the two partners to do cosmetics micro business, starting from 100 thousand yuan, the highest monthly sales of $3 million, all the way to the taste and the joy of success, laid the foundation for their love.

entity store investment failure, with a partner to do micro business partner

in 2013, just graduated with a friend in Jiangsu Zhang opened a beauty salon. However, before long, a large number of early investment and high market positioning, let beauty soon caught the dilemma, ultimately unable to continue operations. read more

On the promotion of domain name selling

webmaster, the domain name is a necessary tool to do stand, for sale, the domain name is used to the trading of goods

the goods need to be packaged, how to pack our domain name?

This paper aims to summarize the

domain name for sale in the process of promotion, and other such speculation flicker domain name site of SEO in the process of the market, do not discuss. Promotion of the domain name, there are several ways.

1, annotation. This will be used by everyone. Some people have seen hundreds of domain name, no classification, no interpretation, greatly reducing the buyer’s intuition. read more

Eight ministries dismemberment C class electric consumers will suffer

recently, the NDRC, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration of Taxation, SAIC and other eight ministries issued a notice to Taobao sellers and Taobao consumers have brought some troubles and concerns. Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhejiang and other e-commerce market will be fully developed in the region this year, the electronic invoice trial. This marks the end of the electronic commerce fish farming period, the authorities began to catch the net. This is one of the largest fat fish C class electricity supplier who are Taobao, and the next class B electricity providers who began to steal the music, while C class electricity supplier consumers are also about to end the good day. Legend, the implementation of electronic Invoicing helps to protect the interests of consumers, that we are to the right or to be affordable? Can have the best of both worlds? (Wang Liyang / read more

About 120 million of the world’s registered domain names are used for trading

      the World Intellectual Property Organization (World Intellectual Property Organisation) said recently that the whole world has registered 120 million Web sites, in the domain business company holds a considerable part of them.

      the agency warned that cybersquatting is from single site registration, to registered computer controlled large-scale advertising intended to.

      a new trend is the use of computer software to automatically register the expiration of the domain name, and then point it to the portal, to attract "pay per click advertising. read more

Pat new strategy, can let Taobao 0 growth

I horse: Pat new strategy conference, Jingdong group vice president Pat network president Kui Ying Chun said, they don’t like Taobao standard, because Taobao is too big, Pat was a baby.

in fact, it is impossible not to do comparison, the media will be compared, businesses will be compared, Ali and Jingdong they would compare with Taobao, pat after eight years of struggle, now, pat for a master, but the opponent or that one.

attend the full conference, with electricity providers feel a lot, not free to flirt with them one day. read more

Tmall clothing merchants who did not sell these brands two years


] March 25th news billion state power network, Tmall recently announced the 2016 China Merchants brand library, billion state power network found that men’s and women’s brand investment compared with last year did not change, and many of them are still blank in Tmall.

billion state power network compared the 2015 and 2016 merchants brand, Menswear brand investment unchanged, a total of 73, so far, Alohafromdeer, Halfgirl, Gas monkey garage three brand has not related products. read more

Domestic electricity supplier environment favorable cross-border electricity supplier has always bee

cross-border electricity supplier +O2O subvert the traditional rural electricity supplier industry

State Council five support measures to urge the development of the electricity supplier

June 23rd news, the general office of the State Council recently issued the "guiding opinions on promoting the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce health" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), put forward the optimization measures, improve the supervision of the customs inspection and quarantine supervision policies and measures, regulate the import and export tax policy, improve the e-commerce payment and settlement management and finance support the five aspects of the support measures for cross-border electricity, Internet industry, to provide strong policy support to stimulate domestic demand. read more

Seafood online purchase new fashion Shanghai diet

with the growing maturity of the Internet, online shopping has been integrated into people’s lives, changing the traditional way of shopping. Before the Internet to buy shoes, clothes, digital products, is not new. Nothing is too strange., live sea universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, also can put on the network sales. Chinese since ancient times, " said, " table delicacies from land and sea; the modern people’s living standards improve, the seafood is rich in protein, low cholesterol, a variety of trace elements, compared with meat for human nutrition and health is more superior, has become the main table cuisine, but to eat imported seafood to the expensive hotel or restaurant taste. read more

Express collective price was halted and the contradiction between the electricity supplier intensifi

express company to get rid of the low price of this label is growing in intensity.

recently, a number of courier companies in Chongqing because of the existence of alleged manipulation of the market, the price hike was halted local price bureau. It is understood that the country less than half a year, including 3 different places in Chongqing, including the occurrence of the event of joint price increases from 3. Although the last was halted by the local price department, but the courier companies are in a strong signal to the outside world – we want to price! read more

Baidu CN domain name and new sites included explanation

One event succeeds another. recently, various forums blogs have burst out of the webmaster complain that the CN domain name of the rejection of the new sites included the time, some station home he was K and so on, Baidu estimates to cycle…..

…In the face of such mighty

Public clamor can melt metals., webmaster mood swings and media attention, Baidu relevant responsible person made the positive interpretation of.

in the network finally

asked: how to treat the problem of CN domain name read more